BEST OF XTEES is a fandom blog for XTEES t-shirts.

Established in the year 2000, Xtees t-shirts – available only on-line on their web-site www.xtees.com – has established themselves as a cult brand. Made in India, now Xtees ships worldwide.

Xtees has a huge number of crazy, naughty, offensive, funny, humor, politically in-correct, ass kicking, wacky quotes, slogan & graphic t-shirts.

All the designs of Xtees can be customised in various styles, colors & sizes for men, women & kids.

In the ‘Best of Xtees’ blog we personally handpick the top selling designs of Xtees category wise for you to choose easily.

Join the tribe. Order & wear an Xtees. It is rumored that the God & the Beast both of them are hardcore fans of Xtees.

By wearing XTEES t-shirts you may – lose your job, get chucked out of school, get arrested,
be suspected as a terrorist, be tortured by politicians, be thrown out of the country, put your house on fire, invite trouble from social organisations, be hit by the gundas … your lover & friends might leave you … but, who the f$#k cares … you create ultimate attention! wear at your own risk! enjoy!

See you on the dark side wearing Xtees.