Geeks | 08 Nov 2018

Advantages Of Dating A Geek

Have you ever thought of dating a Geek? - alright it seems to be a funny question. But keep reading to know the great advantages of dating a geek.

There are many girls out there who really are not interested in dating a geek. Geeks are really boring sort of shy guys who have a good technology related knowledge but not so out going. They always tend to be indoors.

So what do you think why girls are not dating geeks as very few girls are there who date geeks. Will those geeks remain single forever? It might not happen if you start to date them.

Geeks are actually very polite, honest, straight forward, have a positive attitude and problem solvers.  Trust me that when you will get to know about the geeks then they will become your first choice. Geeks have the qualities that you will never find them in other guys. So let’s have a look at the advantage of dating a geek and they can really prove to be a better partner than the other guys out there.

1. Geeks help you technically

Geeks are always stuck to their computers - play videos games, surf the internet, do coding the whole day. They really have a great knowledge of technology related aspects - so if you have any problems related to your mobile phone, computers, gadgets, math or any of your study subject they can prove to be really helpful.

If your computer is lagging or it got attacked by a virus then they can solve it easily for you, which is really an appreciable thing. Geeks can also help you with the daily gadgets that you on a regular basis as they know how to fix it. If you are lacking the knowledge of technology then the geeks can be very beneficial for you.

2. Geeks never cheat

Unlike other guys, geeks will never cheat on you. They are really committed to a relationship and not at all interested in doing casual hangouts or short term relations which gets broken after sometimes. They are very polite and humble and they really know how to care about things so they will also take care of you. They are very responsive and as they stuck to their computers and phones you can believe that they will reply you instantly within minutes.

They will never break your trust and always be with you, as the maximum of them are really hungry for love, so if they get love from you they will get stuck to you. If at all they cheat on you, it will be only for one thing - they will cheat you for playing video games on computers.

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3. Geeks are very caring

Geeks are very caring, other guys don't care that much about their partners and sometimes makes call to know how they are but this is just not the case with the geeks because they will always care about you. They will call you every day to know how you are and will never forget to text you back.

If you got sick then you can’t expect others to be with you to take care of your but a geek will always be there for you, whatever be the situation is. Just imagine how a guy who cares so much for his computers and gadgets will take care of his girl friend. So if you are really interested in someone who will care about you then blindly you can go for a geek because no other guy will care for you like a geek.

4. Geeks solve problems

Now, this must be one of the most key differentiating points between a normal guy and a geek. Geeks never make a problem but they try to solve the problem, which is very crucial about a relationship because the maximum of the relation gets broke up because of the problems or silly fights.

Geeks always try to solve the problem or if any misunderstanding is there they will definitely address it.

Normally guys pretend as if nothing happened to them and try to get over it but geeks try to address the problem and then solve it because the geeks want to stay in a relationship they don't want to get over it and then patch up with someone else.

5. Geeks always listen

Geeks will always listen to you, if you have a perspective about something and you want to share it with your partner, maybe other will disturb you between or will not listen to you properly and will discard your thinking.

But this is just not the case with geeks because they will listen to you properly and will not interrupt you between and definitely they will give you advice that what will be better for you. If someone is listening to you properly that shows that they respect you and you does matter for them. So this is also a reason why the geeks can be a better option for you than a guy.

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6. Geeks are very creative

Geeks are very creative and this is the place where guys fail as many of the other guys out there are not that creative. So where the creativeness of geeks matters, they matter while giving a gift or to give a surprise.

Geeks can really amaze you with their creative skills even they can make you happy by giving a small gift because they way to giving the gift, the presentation is so creative that it will really surprise you and also make your bond more strong. These small gifts increase the love between the couples, so you will have a nice relationship with the geeks.

7. Geeks are easy to please

They are very easy to please and are not at all demanding, which is a great relief for the girls. Because many of the guys are very judgmental that you are very skinny or you are fat or not looking that beautiful, this is just not the case with geeks because they are not at all judgmental and nothing even matters for them that have you put on makeup, you have to look pretty, there are no such requirements if you have a geek as a partner.

Even if you are together and if you don't know how to cook then there is no problem with the geeks, as they will probably order some pizza, as if you don't know cooking it matters for geeks but it doesn't matter with the geek. Simply saying that there is no need to make any compromise with the geeks as they are very supportive and are not that judgmental. A geek boy friend accepts as you are.

8. Geeks don't play sports

As many girls are really frustrated with their partner because boys are very desperate about sports and many times they ignore their partner for watching sports. But maximum of the geeks is not that fond of watching sports or neither do they play that games.

As maximum time the geeks are not that fit and either they are too skinny or fat, which shows that they are not into any kind of sports. Geeks are much into playing videos games rather than going out and play sports. Only very few of the geeks are exceptional.

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9. Geeks are true gentlemen

Believe or not but geeks are the true gentlemen, the best thing that a girl wants from a boy is to be gentlemen and geeks are exactly what you need. They will open doors for you, pull chairs for you and also they will pay the bill. There are very small things which will really make you feel special.

These sort of things make you both close and strengthens your bond and you will have a great future together without feeling any regret. They will care you adore you love you help you and what not, so if you don’t go to the appearance then geeks will be the best choice.

10. Geeks don't care about how you dress

As girls stay happy when they are real because when you fake something you are not that happy and comfortable. So if you are dating a guy then you have to dress properly and have to use makeup so that you can look beautiful. But this is not at all the case with the geeks because you can wear anything in front of them and even there is no need to use makeup in front of them as they like you what you are.

So you don't need to fake in front of them and you will feel more comfortable with geeks and they will never let you feel low. Basically, if you are in a relationship with a geek then it will be living a true love life where there is no space for cheating or faking. As you might have seen the normal couples where they pretend many things and sometimes they even hide the truth from each other - it cannot be true love.

11. Geeks are very curious

Another really awesome thing about geeks is that they are very curious, as girls really like to talk a lot like sharing their thoughts about others and what happened to them on the whole day. So this is a good thing about geeks because it is a mutual thing as girls like to talk and geeks like to listen. As geeks are game freaks and love to play it all day and also do surfing in computers which makes them more curious.

Also, geeks are very talented and are bookworms too, so never underestimate their knowledge. They are really interested to know about all the dislikes and likes of their partner so that in future he never disappoints you. They are very open-minded with knowing more things and they can also change themselves with the taste of their partner, as they accept changes.

12. Geeks are very polite

Geeks are very polite and have a positive attitude and will always appreciate by accepting all the changes. They are not that demanding neither they have any high acceptations from their partner. They will never disappoint you with their behavior and will never shout on you nor they are interested in doing fights with their partners because they know these sort of things will spoil their relationship and they never want to do that.

This quality their partner believe on them and with their positive nature they will always motivate you. They are really fun loving and also love to share it with their partners. They will never hide anything from their partners making their bond more strong and also in making a trustworthy relationship.

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13. Geeks are very emotional

Geeks are very emotional and believe in this that actually, they are quite emotional unlike other guys, the geeks get emotional even when their favorite character dies at the end of "lord of the rings".

Now you might be thinking that how it makes them a better option to date, so most probably all the girls are quite emotional so if they are getting a partner who is emotional too then you will really enjoy the company of each other as in most of the cases when a girl gets emotional the guys starts laughing on them but this won't be the case with the geeks as they are also ready to cry with you. Being emotional makes you a kind-hearted person who doesn't have any bad thoughts in his mind and have no negativity as it's been said that by crying you wash out all the evils from inside and makes you soft-hearted. 

14. Geeks stay intensively focused

One more fascinating thing about geeks which makes them different from the other guys is that they are intensively focused. Geeks are very dedicated to their work and don't leave it until they complete it with 100% success as they can even forget to eat, sleep or anything else. This dedicated attitude inside them is because of the games as they are not only gamers truly, passionately dedicated gamers who play games from their heart and soul.

Yeah, this might be fun for you but it's not at all in the case of geeks because games and all computer related things make them act more curious. Now you might be thinking that how it's going to help them in a relationship. As there are many responsibilities in a relationship for each other and geeks do them accurately and precisely because they are really very dedicated to their work. But it doesn't end here only as geeks are also good at "one-liners" - if they can't impress you with their look so they will impress you with their one-liners.

15. Geeks are good at sex

Feel it for yourself. We don't want to explain this point.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are that single girl go find that geek boy friend. If you are that geek guy share this post so that the perfect girl finds you.