Jim Thorpe


The Legend of Jim Thorpe

The man in the photo is Jim Thorpe.

Take a close look at the photograph again. You can notice that the shoes and socks Jim Thorpe is wearing are not the same pair. Each shoe and Each socks is different.

This was during the Olympic games of 1912. Jim Thorpe has come from the state of Oklahoma for representing United States of America in Atletics.

On the day of the competition, his shoes were stolen by someone.

Luckily Jim Thorpe found two abandoned shoes in a nearby dust bin. They are what Jim Thorpe is wearing in this photo.

But one shoe was very big for him so he had to wear an extra socks in that leg to keep it fit for him.

wearing these shoes, he won two medals for United States of America.

This incident is a good example of how you should do your duty without hiding behind the worst situations that life throws on you.

So what if life treated you with prejudice? What are you going to do today about it?

You could have woke up today with stolen shoes, ill health, strained relationships, loss in business, whatever may it be - do not let them refrain you from running in the competition.

You can achieve more in your life by throwing away excuses and pursuing life with positive intentions.

Victory is ours!